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Deja Vu? If you think you may have read a post on this blog on one of my other blogs I can explain. Some of my posts are pecificly inline with the blog's topic it's appearing on, however some cross over to other blog's topics so I publish them their too.

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Random Spam #1


Yay! I have been invited to the USA version of Deal Or No Deal! Oh it’s just spam. And the link takes you to some completely unrelated mobile text competition service. And I wanted to meet the ladies with the cases, I mean appear on the show to win some money. You see in the UK where I live, we don’t get the ladies with the cases thing. But we do get Noel Edmunds, who’s clearly a legend.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

What You Don't Want To See When You Login #1

Had this on your PayPal account?
Hopeing To Use Funds From Your PayPal Account? Well This Is
What You Don't Want To See When You Login:
This means PayPal Have Frozen Your Account, and your funds will be held untill you meet PayPal's demands.
For More On PayPal Account Freezes And The Perils Of PayPal visit:

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Blogger Mobile Suggestion For Blogger

Overall, I'm a big fan of the Blogger format. I have tried a varity of blogging platforms over the years, their are lots of good ones, but Blogger is defintly one of my favioutes, and has had some great improvements over the years. The Blogged On...... series of blogs  have stuck with using Blogger over the years, this very blog is a Blogger bog, and they have served us well. Been sticking with Blogger for some years now. When ever using Blogger I have found it to be a good platform for blogging, and it is one I would recommend to you.
One thing I'd like to suggest to team Blogger is about the mobile version of Blogger, the official Blogger app. The Blogger app, which is what I'm using as I write this to you now, usually runs very smoothly, and for someone who often blogs on the go, it's a very handy app. So many thanks for it team Blogger. I'd like to ask Blogger if they had thought about adding to this app some other features from the web version. Sure, in some ways it maybe handy to just have the basic creating and publishing features. But often I'm on the go and hoping to work on one of the blogs, with something other then the posting features. For example, people may find it handy to have the stats pages avaliable, or a mobile friendly version of the blogger edit section-for layout, templates, and all you would normally be able to access on the full version of Blogger editing, that is something I'd like to see. On the phones I've tested I have yet to find a browser that can fully make use of all the editing features on the Blogger app, so I think it would be great if Blogger could make either a mobile app or web friendly version of Blogger, where the options you can't currently use on mobiles would become avaliable.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Get Jam! (Please)

The app this post is about is actually called Get Jam, it wasn't that I was ordering you to get some jam, although by all means if you would like to, please do. The app I'm talking about is a mobile exclusive app where you are rewarded for watching videos on your mobile device. You get berries for watching videos which are what count as your points. Their are different amounts of points avaliable for watching each video, but most often they are around the 5-15 points mark. The videos are often promoting a brand or film, as well as being able to get points which you can redeem for prizes, you may well find the videos intresting, their usually only a minute or so long so quite short, It's a good way for advertisers to get their messages across.
Here's what you can redeem your berries for;

Paypal (Speedy delivery)   £2.50 for 300points     

Paypal(Standard delivery)   £2.50 for

Amazon   £10 voucher for 1200 points

itunes gift certificate   £10 for 1200 berries or £15 for 1800 berries

Top Up mobile phone credit (Very nice idea to feature this as a reward on a mobile app), for this option you will need to choose your network and required phone top up amount, a good range of networks are available to choose from.

Tunetribe voucher   £2.50 for 300 points

So a nice range of rewards to choose from.

Their is also a offers page where you can earn berries for completing offers such as joining a website. I have been using Get Jam for quite a lot of months so far and I have to say, I think their great app, I don't really have a bad word to say about them. The only thing I'd highlight is that after watching the video, remember to bank your berries by clicking the bank button underneath the video, if you leave the page without doing so then no berries for you, if you leave the video page after playing the clip without hitting the bank button, it will count as you not watching it.
So, if you have an iphone or android or blackberry then this app comes highly recommended as a rewarding video programme. You can download Get Jam free from your systems app store.

Here's Get Jam's official website:

Friday, 13 April 2012

New Site From Amazon-My Habbit

Amazon have launched a new website called My Habbit which offers up to 60% of the brands it sells. It's currently selling women and men's clothes and has a homeware section too. You must be a member to shop their, but if your already registered with Amazon then you can login with those details. If you happen to be buying from the USA then you'll have an added bonus of free shipping. I'll be looking more at the website in detail and see what their service is like for upcoming posts, for now you can check out My Habbit at

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A review of the Epad tablet, styled like an ipad, see it in action here

Part 2 soon!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Wondered what celebrity you look like? Well has a feature that aims to tell you. Click to go their. Here you can try out myheritage's face recognition technology where after uploading a photo of yourself, you can create a collage of your celebrity lookalikes and upload them to profiles, blogs or send them via email. I'm going to have a try on a photo of me, the ones I have seen so far of other people's matches I can see why it's picked the celebs it has for them. After your matches are shown you get a percentage of how much you actually look like them. Good little website to try out.